Lilly the Mouse


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Meet Lily the mouse! This sweet little critter kept showing up in Barrow's grain stores trying to "borrow" kernels and seeds she had saved for next planting season. Barrow took a liking to her and began to feed her and have her help plant the fields so she knows what hard work her favorite delicious treats cost! Lily loved it though and is now Barrow's main gardening helping. She loves running up and down the long rows with two seeds in her mouth, plopping them in the rich dirt and patting it down with her tiny paws. You can find her there most day if you fancy a visit!

Lily is 9.5" tall, 6" wide, and super soft. She is made with a lyocell and organic cotton blend fabric and stuffed with poly-fiberfill stuffing. Her eyes and nose are embroidered to make her baby safe! To care for Lily, gently hand-wash her with cold water. If she needs a tougher wash, put her in the washing machine on the gentle cycle, preferably in a delicates bag. Air-fluff cycle on the dryer to dry! Washing with the machine will change Lilly's texture over time.

Lily will come in a hand-stamped cloth bag, ready to make the perfect gift for a kid or kid-at-heart!

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