Baron the Raccoon


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Often it is told that raccoons are nuisances, scalawags only out to stuff their bellies as they rob other creatures' hard-earned food stores. They are said to eat everything with little importance given to taste. Baron the Raccoon is a creature of another color, however. He is refined and dignified and only seeks out the choicest nuts, berries, honey combs, and fish to take. He also prides himself greatly on only "borrowing" the food he takes and always leaves a rock shaped like an arrowhead so the "lender" will know that Baron was there and will, eventually replace what he took. Of course, Baron is always too busy selecting his next meal to pay up, but he does sincerely always plan to do so!

Baron is 10" tall, 4.5" wide, and made with soft organic fleece fabric. His accents are made with organic cotton fabric. He is also stuffed with organic cotton stuffing. All his little features are hand embroidered to make him baby safe and he will come in a hand stamped cotton bag, ready to make the perfect gift for any child or child-at-heart!

**Hand-wash Baron gently with cold water to clean. If you machine wash, he will hold up (especially on the gentle cycle), but his texture will change over time.

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