Hi! I am Elizabeth Swing, the imagination and maker behind Emergolde! I'm passionate about protecting the joy of childhood and about helping encourage imaginative play in children of all ages. Making stuff helps me feel closer to the Creator! I am also married to an awesome guy who supports me super well and a new mamma to a beautiful boy.

How it started:

I have sewn my whole life, ever since my Granma Shirley taught me to sew when I was six. A few years ago, when I was nannying I started making soft toys when the kids slept. It woke up a curiosity, a joy, and eventually a passion in me for making beautiful, unique, and quality toys for kids! 

My process:

I begin creating by imagining a toy and drawing it over and over again till I am satisfied with it. Then I turn it into a pattern and start playing with it. I make a first draft and see how I like it and then, usually, make at least a second, third, and fourth draft before I'm satisfied! I choose the fabric from my stock of organic, hand-dyed, and/or recycled fabric. I use the sewing machine to make the base of the animal, creature, or doll and then hand-sew all the finishing details, like the embroidered faces, hair, and other special details.

My vision:

When I was a kid I played outside in the woods for hours each day. I believed in multiple worlds that touched each other and if I could find the right doors I could step into places full of magic and wonder. My toys were such a huge part of that magic. Because of that I place tremendous importance on the toys we give to kids. They should encourage imagination, be one-of-a-kind, and should be eco-friendly and safe. I also think that having handmade toys lets kids know it's possible to create whatever they can imagine! I got the idea for the world of Emergolde after a solo camping trip in the woods. After I saw the gold color of the sunlight breaking through the emerald green tones of the trees I became inspired with the name Emergolde (emerald and gold)!

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