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Elizabeth Swing

These days it has been all about getting ready for holiday shows! To those not in the weird and wonderful world of Craft Show-ing (?), the ordinary craziness of leading up to the holiday season is amplified MAJORLY by it also being the busiest selling time of year. Finding calm in the middle of all that is a challenge!

A few years ago I got into yoga, playing in the woods, lighting lots of candles, and meditating and was a much happier and nicer person (it's true, ask Charlie), but I super-struggle with making time to do that these days. What's worse is I have a weird super power to get stuff done on very little rest just because I've decided I have to do it. I'd brag more about it if it didn't also come with the pretty negative side effect of forgetting other humans exist. I slowly shrivel up inside (nothing green or kind or loving can survive in me) until I can manage to get away, chill out, and experience God in the woods.

So! Here is evidence that I am making time to rest. See? We went to Canada, North Carolina with our friends Griffin and Erin last weekend and got to spend the night at Charlie's Pride (his uncle and aunt's cabin). I didn't even sew in the car. Promise.

This kid being awesome at sleeping in the car

Sleeping in the car like a champ

We slept in Folly in this lovely field


In the cabin- it is so enchanting.Tire swing magic

Goats at Carl Sandburg's house in Flat Rock, NC

My family :-)

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